The Bible tells us the very nature of Satan. In summary, he's a thief and a robber. It shouldn't be surprising to us then that Satan has taken many biblical tools, concepts and practices, and labeled them as occultic. In other words, he's claiming them as his own! This includes the arts of meditation and reflection which, of course, are both Christian practices. So, while his programs and movements grow wider and more vast, the church is forced to stray away from anything that has been labeled New Age or occultic. Consequently, we not only lose the practices or tools that God has given us, but we also lose their benefits. In other words, the church has been losing ground! But not anymore!

True to his apostolic mantle, Bryan Meadows went into the enemy's camp and snatched what rightfully belongs to the believer, leaving behind, of course, the pagan practices that are now being associated with the arts of meditation and reflection. Introducing...

Breathe: A Course in Meditation and Reflection

This course will teach you:

1.    How to properly meditate on the Word of God.

2.    How to properly reflect on the Word of God.

3.    The nature and power of God's breath within you!

4.    The benefits of meditation and reflection

5.    And so much more!

In this course, you will also learn how to:

1.    Overcome anxiety

2.    Retain what you've learned in Bible Study

3.    Grow in your relationship with God

4.    Find peace in the middle of a storm

5.    And so much more!

Breathe: A Course in Meditation and Reflection will literally change your mind and your life!

In this three-week e-course, you will get:

  • Three weeks of video teachings each week, followed by 30 minutes of Q & A's for each class
  • Breathe manual (electronic copy)
  • Handwritten notes
  • Class MP3's
  • Exclusive access to Facebook group

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