The spirit world is a complex place, and while we can't necessarily see it, it's more tangible and real than the world we live in. This also means that it impacts us more than the world we live in. Please understand this:

1. You are a spirit.

2. You live in a body.

3. You have a soul.

Because of this, you deal with warfare in three dimensions. You deal with spiritual warfare, physical warfare (sickness and disease) and mental warfare (anxiety, depression, thoughts of suicide, mental illness). And while there are plenty of doctors, psychiatrists and medical books to help you deal with your physical and mental issues, there aren't a lot of teachers, books and study materials centered around spiritual warfare … until now!

Spiritual Warfare (the Course) is centered around teaching you about the oh-so-mysterious spiritual world. In this course, you will learn how the spirit world operates and how to overcome an invisible enemy who is hellbent on controlling and destroying you! This powerful course will cover:

1. Demonology: the study of demons and how they function

2. Harmatiology: the study of sin and its effects

3. Christology: the study of Christ Jesus

This revelatory and eye-opening course will also aid you in the basics of deliverance and self-deliverance.

In this four-week e-course, you will get:

• Four weeks of live video teachings each week, followed by 30 minutes of Q & A's for each class

• Spiritual Warfare manual (electronic copy)

• Handwritten notes

• Class MP3's

• Exclusive access to Facebook group