Welcome to the Creative's Academy: an Online Brainery!

Brainery - def. A place of study or training in a special field; academy; school; college.

This is a REVOLUTION in Digital Discipleship!!!

Bryan Meadows presents The Creative’s Academy. A digital equipping tool for the Creative, Spiritual Leader, and the Entrepreneur. This Brainery will host and house interactive schools and courses with topics ranging from Communication to Spiritual Gifts. Take courses À la cart or become a member and get full access. From books clubs to digital communities, the Creative’s Academy strives to give the user a wholistic diet of empowerment. Become a Partner Today! 


***PIONEER PARTNER - Lifetime Membership - $1299 (regular price)

**PREMIUM PARTNER - Annual Subscription- $799 (regular price)

*INDIVIDUAL COURSES - $149 (basic course)

Courses Coming THIS YEAR:

How to Study the Bible - Registration Open Now!!!

Sponges - Coming in August

Toxic Leadership - (a recovery course after spiritual abuse)- Coming Soon

Soul Ties - Coming in September

Pivot - School of Leadership- Coming in September

Prophetic Science - Coming in November

The Cave - How to Handle being Hidden- Coming in November

Spiritual Warfare 101- Coming Soon

Exit Strategies: How to properly leave a church- Coming Soon

Breathe: The Art of Christian Meditation and Reflection- Coming Soon

How to Grieve: Letting Go- Coming in December

Welcome to the Creative's Academy

-Where Creatives enhance and monetize their gifts.

Creativity is an art & science of expression that comes from the depth of a person’s ability to pull something from nothing. I believe that there is a genome inside of the DNA of Bryan Meadows that is such a powerful pattern of creativity that we will have to extract the levels & depths of his giftedness to us over a lifetime. He’s a phenomenal thinker & he’s insight & revelation will educate, inspire, & unlock your personal pursuits.

- Antwain Jackson, The Creative Leader

Humberto Renovato

“Creativity is birthing the mind of God over the earth. Since we are made in the image of God we get all the gifts that live in that image — including creativity! While we live in our present, creatives are able to use yesterday to create tomorrow.”